Spray-on Rust Protection By Endrust®

Our harsh Australian conditions can cause surface rust and corrosion to even the best quality vehicles. If your vehicle is exposed to salt-laden air, salt water, mud, dirt, or snow then you need to take extra steps to protect against rust. Vehicle under-bodies in particular are often “out of sight and out of mind” but they will be in direct contact with corrosive materials and will deteriorate if not protected.

  • Protects the vehicle against perforation rust wherever it is applied.
  • Ensuring a safer vehicle – rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.
  • All states require vehicles to be free of structural rust in order to comply with state roadworthy/fitness laws.
  • Helps preserve resale value – rust in a vehicle can significantly reduce the re-sale value.

Endrust Underbody Proofcoating conforms to Australian Standard AS2662.2 and is ideal for long-lasting corrosion protection of all Passenger, Commercial & 4WD Vehicles.

The use of advanced high-pressure spray equipment by professionally trained operators enables us to thoroughly treat the entire underbody and chassis including the inner surfaces of the chassis rails and cross members.

Underbody rust proofing from $799.00
Underbody & Upperbody spray proofing including, underbody, all doors, sills and engine bay from $999.00

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We offer a range of packages tailored to meet exactly what your vehicle requires. Check out our Deluxe, Supreme or Ultimate packages, which will not only clean but help preserve your car’s condition.