Paint Correction

Paint correction is better known as machine polish or a clay bar process. It improves the exterior appearance of your car by repairing damage and preserving your paints colour and finish. We use a variety of polishes, cleansers and compounds which enable us to treat and repair every paint variation out there! Our paint correction service will:

  • Reduce or remove scratches, oxidise paintwork and remove finer marks on the paint to produce an even and consistent finish
  • Claying safely removes above surface bonded contaminants which will enable your choice of wax or paint sealant to better bond or adhere to the paint, producing a silky, smooth and clean surface

Please see our packages for more information.

Price: From $250
Headlight Restoration from $99

We offer a range of packages tailored to meet exactly what your vehicle requires. Check out our Deluxe, Supreme or Ultimate packages, which will not only clean but help preserve your car’s condition.